Thank you to all who helped after crash

My name is Cathy, and I was in a huge-two car accident on Aug. 30. (Article, “Head-on crash on Highway 9 kills 1, injures 4.”)

I needed to write this note of thanks because, No. 1, I still can, and No. 2, there were so many people that kept me alive that I can’t thank them all personally.

First, I need to thank the many 911 callers before the accident even happened and the wonderful woman who slowed down the man in the red Mitsubishi before he even got to me.

Next, thank you to all the first responders who helped my children out, kept me calm, assessed the situation, listened when we told them about the fire extinguisher in the trunk, called my husband, and generally helped all around.

Thank you so much to the fire departments and police departments who came so quickly with quiet confidence to get us out and reassure me that the kids were all going where I was headed. Especially thank you to Joe and Officer Kelley who kept me awake, asked the important questions, and “mothered” a mom.

I need to say sorry to all those who were stuck behind me, because I know that included many nurses who were going to help other people in need. But thanks to all the Providence nurses, doctors, and assistants, who were there to clean up, patch us up, check us out, and send us home.

Thank you to our family, friends, church and Bible study family, and neighbors, who prayed, visited, called, texted, expressed concern, and have offered to help in every area.

But most of all I need to thank my God and Savior for protection in ways that we didn’t understand even before the accident. From beginning a sit-up regimen two weeks before the crash to leaving the Leaf unplugged over night so my husband couldn’t drive it to work and I ended up driving our safest car. People called 911 even before the accident so help was already on the way. Then He helped that wonderful lady notice cars behind her and slowed the other car. Even allowing us to hit in just the way we did. I broke a neck bone around the disk and can move freely now. God is amazing … Our 2 year old had just a seat belt burn, our 7 year old with some broken bones having an “adventure in the hospital,” seven staples in my 15-year-old daughter’s head and only other bumps and bruises. If you’ve seen our car, you know that we were saved only by the hand of God, and I praise Him that He used so many people to keep us alive and who will help us get back on our feet.

Thank you!

Cathy Apgar