Thanks go to them, top to bottom

We, the 12s, appreciate the accolades heaped upon us by Paul, John, Pete, Sherm, Russell and all of the Seahawks but, let me assure them, the pleasure was ours. We did what we could to help, but the real plaudits rest with them. To begin with they brought us:

An owner who first saved the sport of football in Seattle and then enabled his organization to create true excellence.

A coach who combines accountability with a willingness to let players to be who they are.

A GM that confounds the sport with an innate ability to recognize talent.

As a result we had the privilege to watch:

A running back that refuses to be stopped and talks with his pads.

A quarterback that walks a young child under medical duress out to the coin toss and then plays with amazing poise.

An outspoken cornerback that only the less informed will challenge and a host of similarly talented CBs.

Safeties that are different in style yet truly outstanding and frightening to our opponents.

A comically maligned receiving core that makes huge plays each and every game.

Defensive linemen that are willing to share the glory with their teammates.

Linebackers that excel at every aspect of defense and finish every play.

An offensive line that gets better and better each and every game.

A kicker that doesn’t understand the meaning of “miss.”

And that is only a start.

We, the 12s, were not surprised a bit. We knew it was going to happen. Thanks for your compliments Seahawks., but do understand that we were there today to thank you.

Go Hawks.

Terry Davidson