Thanks to all who have helped

I would like to commend the community support from all of the people who donated money, items and time in the Snohomish County area after the mudslide in Oso. It was truly a sad event, made even sadder by the fact that four people are still missing in the aftermath of the mirey mess left by this disaster. Yet, there is still much to be done for those who lost all, including their loved ones.

I read in the April 19 Herald how at least one survivor is seeking compensation in the form of legal claims, and how 200 attorneys in the state are offering their services for free. I wish them every success.

Poor land and natural resource management contributed to the instability of that mountainside. The environmental impact was experienced by the residents who lived in proximity to a place that probably should never have been clear-cut to begin with. Proper environmental impact studies would have precluded this. There was no slide prevention in place after the trees were taken from the land either. Thus, those unsuspecting victims are devastated by a cataclysmic occurrence, which might have been preventable. Their lives and homes were lost. All they had wanted was a serene place to live, in affordable beauty.

I want to extend thanks and gratitude to all those who have been helping in the recovery process, and the donations of all kinds.

Ginger Alles-Alvitre