That’s a lot of fact checking required

I read a couple letters about The Herald not publishing a fact check on the speeches on the Republican convention. I would have liked to see one also. They were inferring that The Herald was favoring the right. I am wondering if they were afraid of the backlash that would ensue when it was stated that pretty much everything said at the Republican convention was a complete lie or gross exaggeration.

Plus, to the writer in Oak Harbor who wrote in ignoring global warming and blaming Obama for the debt: First, when a catastrophe happens to the economy such as the one caused by Bush in 2008, it is going to take wise investment into the nation and many, many, many years to overcome. You can’t just snap your fingers, deregulate everything and give more to the super wealthy. Lots of unsavory things had to happen to keep us from falling off a fiscal cliff, such as the bank and car company bailouts.

Of course then when the Democrats and Obama tried to regulate the banking industry so this type of disaster doesn’t happen again they ran into a brick wall. The biggest disaster that has happened in the last three years has been the complete and total obstructionism by the Republicans. Of course then this writer goes into this blaming “global warming hysterics” chant heard from all the head-in-the-sand righties out there. Come on. Next thing you are going to say is that we never went to the moon.

Then any program that would help the little guy was attacked because after all, most of us out of work or under-employed are just there because we are all lazy asses. Of course the big bad unions were attacked because it would be wrong to see somebody without a masters degree be able to support a family.

David Winquist