The 99 percent need self-reliance

Regarding the letter, “Majority can’t afford top’s greed”: Whatever happened to personal responsibility? How about the bottom 99 percent quit wanting everything handed to them. The only thing missing from that letter was how to implement a five-year plan, collective farms and communes!

This isn’t some Third World Communist country, this is America! Stand up for yourself, take responsibility to clothe yourself, feed yourself, keep a roof over your head, raise your own children, pay your own way. Socialism works really well until there’s nobody left to pay for the programs. When almost 50 percent of the people don’t pay any income tax, who pays? Oh that’s right, “the top.” Mitt Romney pays taxes and gives 15 percent of his income to charity! That amounts to millions of dollars! Joe Biden gives less than 2 percent to charity. Before he was elected in 2004, Barrack Obama gave 1 percent. That should tell you something about who these people are.

Talk is cheap. “Tax the rich” “The top wage earners must pay their fair share”, “Redistribution of wealth”. What BS. I’m one of the 99 percent who thinks everyone should pay their “fair share”; everyone! I want my tax dollars going to make this country a better place to live for me, my children and my grandchildren. It won’t be, if we continue to spend money we don’t have, send our jobs to China, throttle our energy sources, allow anchor babies and illegal immigrants to drain our health care, education and welfare system, not punish criminals, allow gangs to flourish and continue pouring money into the bottomless pit of increased big government. The letter writer was right about one thing. Think hard about the future of our country when you vote in November. Wake up America! Take a stand.

Bob King