The Buzz

Hole in the water

The Port of Everett has begun a program to communicate with people who moor boats at the local marina. Among other things, port staffers say they’re preparing a directory of businesses that maintain and repair boats.

To better serve boat owners, the port might also consider a directory of lenders still willing to extend personal lines of credit, a directory of marriage counselors, a directory of divorce lawyers, and, most importantly, a directory of chumps who want to buy a boat.

She’s leaving home: When sending their children off to college, parents who are inclined to overfunction might be able to not resist the temptation to send a moving van full of stuff to the kid’s tiny dorm room.

Parents, today’s college kids need just three things: a mini-fridge, a Bob Marley poster and a debt counselor.

Out of town: President Barack Obama and his family chose Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts for a relaxing vacation — or as relaxing a vacation as can be managed when your every movement requires a 20- vehicle motorcade.

Obama’s decision to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard confused the president’s most ardent critics once they were informed that no mosques exist on the island.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff