The importance of staying in touch

1942 was a good year.

1942 was a bad year.

War was declared on Dec. 7, 1941. From that day forward, life for most of us changed forever. We graduated from Edmonds High School on June 5, 1942. Too many of us didn’t come back from that war. Those that did return took a silent vow to meet as often as possible. This we have done. The first five years was getting settled into our routine. Then every two years was set. Now, for the last many years, it has been each and every year.

So, now on Sept. 19, 2012, we will gather to celebrate 70 years since that graduation day. On that day back then, there were 96 of us total. Now time has taken its toll. We are now down to 23 classmates.

So life goes on. The nice part about a high school reunion is the age factor. We are all, within reason, the same age.

Dan L. Blum