The stand is nice, coffee even better

The Aug. 26 letter concerning the bikini baristas in Marysville was extremely rude and inconsiderate. (“Put a quick stop to bikini baristas.”) The arguments the writer presented against this business were inaccurate and inappropriate.

Using the writer’s logic, we should be more concerned with shutting down all Christian organizations. Look at all the well-documented cases of religious leaders molesting children, embezzling funds, drug addictions, etc. Even the KKK uses Christianity to justify its actions. Do we as a community really want to invite that sort of “trash” into our town?

Thanks to the letter, I went to the stand in question to see for myself what was going on. I was surprised and impressed by what I found. First, the place is far from being an eyesore — it is clean and decorated rather nicely. Second, the young ladies were very polite and professional — hardly anything like a prostitute. Last, but not least, the coffee is by far the best I have had in this town.

I would like to congratulate these young ladies and wish them the best in their business.

John Gehman