The stonewalling is what’s political

The Monday letter, “Time to stop politicizing attack,” begs to be rebutted. Given that letters to the editor are opinion, the content should have some basis in truth, and not a regurgitation of Obama administration talking points. The $300 million budget reduction for embassy security is next fiscal year. A high-ranking State Department official testified under oath that it had no relevance to the Benghazi tragedy.

Four heroes died needlessly. Incompetence at the highest government level reigned. Al-Qaida attacks in April and June were ignored, (9/11 Doh!). Repeated requests for more security were denied. In the final hours, three pleas for support were denied. There were drones overhead, gunships in range, Quick reaction forces available. The order was to “stand down.”

To any veteran, that order means sit and wait. The politicalization of Benghazi rests solely on the Obama regime. Two hours into the attack, it was known it was al-Qaida directed. Yet, six days later, our UN ambassador and the president were trying to peddle the falsehood that it was just about a notorious home movie. Why? Votes! If al-Qaida is decimated, how did this happen? Stonewall, obfusticate, delay till after the election. Who gave the order to stand down? It’s not just the economy.

Dave Link