The top story

The top story

One World Trade Center, being built to replace the twin towers destroyed in the Sept. 11 attacks, claimed the title of New York City’s tallest skyscraper on Monday. But whether the finished building will be America’s tallest depends on whether the 408-foot needle on its top will be considered an antenna or a spire.

In a somewhat related conundrum, experts can’t decide whether the stuff on skyscraper developer Donald Trump’s head is human hair or a small woodland creature.

Unsinkable: An Australian coal mining magnate says he plans to build a replica of the Titanic that will look just like the fabled ocean liner above the water line, right down to the four funnels.

The ship will be equipped with the latest in safety and navigation equipment — maybe even the same gear on board the Italian cruise ship that struck a reef and foundered four months ago.

Sinkable: The author of “Shipwrecked: A People’s History of the Seattle Mariners” will be signing copies of his book at local booksellers this week. Writer Jon Wells argues that the M’s have never reached the World Series because management has consistenly chosen profits over pennants.

Um, the Yankees have something to do with it, as well.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff