The vacationer lets world burn

Well now, along comes one of those who has imbibed the Kool-Aid and donned the rose-colored glasses, giggling and skipping along, demanding proof for what he is unable to see all around him. The entire Middle East is in flames, Israel is attacked daily by Hamas, ISIS is engulfing everything they possibly can, using the equipment we so obligingly left them, and beheading and killing Christians for not converting to Islam. In one case they actually cut an innocent child in half. Putin is amassing troops on the border of Ukraine after already swallowing up the Crimea. And what is our fearless leader doing? Nothing.

Domestically, our southern border is a joke, with illegal aliens pouring across at will. Recently our vacationer-in-chief released over 2,000 criminal illegal aliens back onto our streets, while continuing to look the other way while more and more continue to invade our country.

The new Black Panther Party at this moment is fomenting rioting and burning in a suburb of St. Louis, for a perceived but unproven allegation of a police officer shooting a black teenager without provocation. I could probably go on, ad nauseam, but time and space constrain.

Suffice to say, I would submit that he who leads from behind is doing a pretty good job of screwing up our country and by extension, because our enemies can see he is a weak, ineffectual individual, a good part of the rest of the world also. Where is the great one? Why, of course, he is on vacation, again, at Martha’s Vineyard, where else? When the going gets tough, he goes on vacation.

Keep on drinking the Kool-Aid and wearing the rose-colored glasses that allow you to continue giggling and skipping blithely along in your Pollyanna-like existence until the world comes crashing down around you. Then you will have your proof.

Frank A. Langley

Lake Stevens

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