Theory not the same as fact

The May 25 article “Study: Bacteria live even in healthy placentas” points out that the placenta of a pregnant woman actually contains bacteria in an environment that was previously believed to be sterile. Oh! But this is just a small oversight. How hard is it to take a sample of the placenta and do a culture for bacteria? Kids in 7th grade do cultures in petri dishes. You mean nobody ever thought to do this before? Do you mean that the entire scientific medical community is guided by assumption rather than fact? Doesn’t our scientific-medical community know everything? Hey! They mapped the human genome didn’t they? They tell us what to eat. They tell us exactly what our blood pressure should be and the exact normal levels of all our body functions and if anything is wrong they will prescribe drugs, sometimes several, and pretend they know all the trillions of drug interactions possible. We believe them, and do as we are told.

The scientific community knows everything, just ask them. Their opinions and theories are sold as “fact” and we believe them. We believe as we have been told, taught and sold. They know exactly how the “big bang” happened but cannot explain the 95 percent of the universe which is made up of dark matter and dark energy. (Can’t see it, can’t touch it, can’t hear it, can’t smell it, can’t taste it, but it is there.) The scientific community will tell us they “know” that all life … yes, all life … began in one cell and “evolved” into the millions of life forms that have existed on earth. This is taught in every school and college as fact. It is accepted without question even though if you were to wrestle a scientist to the ground, they sometimes would admit that it is all based on theory. Yes science knows everything, but today they had to admit they overlooked, for decades, a simple test for a simple fact. Science, like that fetus in the placenta, has much to learn and that’s a fact.

Gary Whitley


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