There’s still bloat and fat to be cut

Regarding the Nov. 20 Viewspoints commentary by Rep. Hans Dunshee, “Let’s balance the budget while creating jobs”:

Why is it that every bleeding-heart politician only sees spending more and going deeper in public debt (emphasis on “public”) as the ultimate answer to true job creation? No drunk benefits from additional alcohol except for a “feel good” temporary fix. Eventually he winds up in the gutter until he has the fortitude to face his problem — he drinks too much. The same applies for someone who has gone deep into debt. How can a permanent fix be obtained if he piles on more debt? They must pay for their poor and perhaps foolish, over-indulgent spending which they did to satisfy their pleasures.

Dunshee says the state budget has already been cut to “lean and mean” to “the bone and blood.” He then goes on to say that “There’s no secret source of fat to trim…” How about cutting the salaries of some of the over-paid educators in management postions? The example in the other day’s Herald was how a superintendant was receiving $225,000, plus an unbelievable amount of additional pay and benefits. I recalled my grade school math and came out with a figure of $108.17 per hour based on the industry’s 2,080-hour work year (a 52 week at 40 hours a week). Do you know how many private college degreed sector people would be standing in line for $40 per hour?

I am sick and tired of politicians having unrealistic solutions to simple problems. We don’t need to be taxed more, just give me an ax and watch how to create the real environment for a job. Let’s start with all the bloated government agencies that are so intrusive into our lives I can’t spit without a permit.

Roy Anderberg