These are the good old days

When television icon and seemingly all-around good guy Andy Griffith passed away last week, many felt the good old days slip ever further away from us all. Some spent time whistling the theme song from his popular TV show, waxing nostalgic for a time when life was less complicated and the world was somehow safer, healthier and a better place to raise our kids.

Portraying Sheriff Andy Taylor for eight seasons, Griffith brought wholesome, homespun values into our homes, using humility and honesty to gently teach Opie, Aunt Bea, Gomer, Barney Fife and the others in Mayberry the values we should all aspire to possess.

While it is fairly common for each generation to long for the perceived notion of simpler and more carefree times, there were no fewer challenges in the 1960s than there are today. Remember the Vietnam War, the emerging drug culture, racial tension and the unfathomable violence of Charles Manson’s helter skelter?

Like it or not, this very moment represents the mark of time that our children and grandchildren will reflect on as the good old days. Time wasted on wishing for the past could (and should) be spent on making the best of today.

Yearn for simpler times? Park your car and take a walk in any city in Snohomish County and we guarantee you’ll find a perfect park bench downtown or in a city park. Take some advice from the theme of another classic 60s sitcom and “set a spell … take your shoes off.” Listen to the rhythm of your community, a place where kids still find joy running through sprinklers and selling lemonade on the sidewalk.

You can be transported quickly to those idyllic streets of Mayberry by taking a stroll through Arlington this weekend where they’re hosting a downtown street fair and celebrating the annual Fly In out at the airport.

Bring your pooch to Marysville for the sixth annual Poochapolooza dog show featuring live music and a pie eating contest or stop by Sultan where the Summer Shindig includes a street fair, logging contest, carnival and fireworks.

Find out more about these and other community activities on tap this weekend by checking out the events page of the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau: