They seem timed to create tickets

Regarding the Monday article, “Traffic camera meeting planned in Lynnwood”: I hate driving through Lynnwood. If you have someplace to go, stay out of Lynnwood unless you like to play my favorite game … “Count the Traffic Lights.” In this game I see how many lights I can make while driving the speed limit through Lynnwood. From I-5 to Edmonds my record is making zero lights. Then there was the time I drove though Lynnwood on Highway 99 and got stopped at every light and I watched a bicyclist meet and beat me through town (due to the fact he didn’t follow traffic regulations).

I am sure the city will say that light timing is for public safety and not all routes have cameras but my guess is it’s to create greater possibilities for traffic light tickets and increased revenue for the city of Lynnwood. I do find it interesting that the majority of the violations are from non-residents. That must make the locals feel a better, but I find it sad that a city relies upon tickets for its budget instead of fiscal responsibility.

Then if we are talking of cost to the public, how much gas is wasted and increased emissions are released in the city of Lynnwood due to the frequent stop and go traffic. As you may be able to tell, I have given this much thought and will continue to stay away from Lynnwood whenever I can … I’ve got better things to do than sit in traffic and play “Count the Lights”.

Bruce Cooper