They’re getting theirs, aren’t they?

Isn’t the roadway hijacking in Oso, like the racial slurs reported on a few months ago, a barometer of our society today? Oh, everybody‘s up in arms and should be when such greed and discrimination is exposed for all to see, but astounded?

All across this country we see those who are fighting for their right to discriminate against those who don’t believe as they do, or are just plain different and that money is the reigning power, all embolden no less by our own Supreme Court which this author refers to as the “jive five.” How do you justify something that’s simply just wrong, not to mention illegal?

Don’t the oil giants/speculators use every world event or vacation time they can to further raise the price of gas? Haven’t the major corporations, by example, increased the shift in allegiance to owners/ceos/stockholders than any to the people who produce/buy the products they sell, all in the name of increased profits? If anything has trickled down, it’s that; how to maximize profits with the costs borne by labor and the environment. Unquestionably capitalism is king in America, has even somehow been anointed. Strange the things some have anointed in God’s name, things He wouldn’t touch with Abraham’s staff, but I digress.

Point to all this, folks, is that when we as a society sit back and allow a few zealots and greedy profit-driven individuals to commandeer as they see fit then it’s no small wonder that more Mr. Walsh’s haven’t climbed out of the woodwork rationalizing; hey they’re getting theirs, why shouldn’t I? We all hope he chokes on it, but actually, wasn’t he only following the status quo of maximizing profits? With the wealth imbalance today it’s not a hard leap to see the motives of those controlling the marketplace, used here as an all-encompassing term, and those of Walsh are the same; greed. Isn’t there something in the scriptures about things like greed, for those so inclined?

Dennis Doolittle


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