Think about dogs before setting fuse

I thought that I would write a letter before the Fourth of July instead of after the fact, in hope of making my point before the event. For those of us who own dogs, the Fourth of July is the worst time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good fireworks show as well as the next person, but it is painful to watch how the sounds affect our dogs.

The minute one of our dogs hears a firecracker or an M-80 in the distance, she becomes very upset and scared. Believe me, it is hard to watch as our 75-pound Labrador scratches at doors, windows and mirrors to try to hide from the noise. We have to remember that dogs can hear at 100 times the distance that the human ear can. The minute a boomer goes off, she is running, panting, scratching and crying for the rest of the night. We try to sooth her with her own kennel and natural supplements to calm her down, but it still does no good.

We can always get ready for the Fourth with medicine and setting our volume levels on high from our TVs and stereos, but there are those who feel the need to start their celebrations a week or two early. Is there really a point to setting off bombs at midnight on June 25? All we ask is that when you set off your fireworks a week or two early to think about our friendly, furry friends who bring us much joy, but suffer painfully for two weeks every year.

Kelly and Marcia Gray

Lake Stevens