Thorn-in-the-side provides balance

Some people think that games like hockey should not have any fighting. I believe it is an example of life history that fighting does have a place, just as bullfighting does have a place, for a bullfighter to get gored by a bull’s horns.

If you don’t have those types of actions once in a while, then it seems that sports events and life’s struggles turn into a process of finding out how to cheat successfully. Those are the things that keep people honest about the forces of nature and help people have a realistic outlook on life’s experiences.

Just like the protesters who try to expose the corruption of some of the richest Americans — if they can’t protest against the corruption of some without being accused of causing class warfare, then my response is to say that the rich who are corrupt should be aware of the perspective of the 99 percent.

I can’t speak for everyone, but when you call people instigators of class warfare, then some of them can call you class oppressors who do not care about the middle class or poor.

Just because the Americans who control most of the money can make their voices heard more easily doesn’t mean that the middle class and poor don’t have a good argument for their case.

Corruption will self-destruct sooner or later and if it does not have opposition it will bring the honest people down with it.

David Worth Goss