Those who need it most will lose

I agree with the reader who feels it is hard to see the bright side of less Community Transit service. (Letter, “Hard to see bright side of less service.”)

At the present time Community Transit provides excellent service from Mill Creek to Edmonds Community College. I walk seven minutes from home to a bus stop on Village Green Drive and, without having to transfer, get off the bus on 196th Street near the college’s North Campus, where I take classes.

Once the new schedule goes into effect (Feb. 20) I will have to take three buses to get to my classes if I travel during rush hour. Since non-rush hour service on Village Green Drive is being eliminated, travel during those hours will involve two buses and a 30-minute walk to get from the closest bus stop to home.

I’m well aware that Community Transit is faced with steep budget cuts and must reduce service to remain solvent. However, the new schedules appear to have been drawn up by people who don’t ride the bus and don’t understand the needs of passengers.

Although I’m old, I’m still a good walker and can manage a 30-minute walk. What about those who can’t? What about people who use the bus to go to the supermarket and return home with bags of groceries? How will they manage when buses no longer take them close to their homes?

It is really a disgrace that as a society we can’t, or won’t, provide adequate funding for public transportation.

Judy Kessinger

Mill Creek