Time for Didier to come to the party

I trust that all of you tea party folks will vote for Dino Rossi in spite of what Clint Didier said recently. Most of us Republicans in this very blue state recognize that we must have a candidate that has a real chance to win against Patty Murray. Clint’s 12 percent showing made it clear he was not that person.

Before the primary, all indications were that Dino Rossi was that candidate. I believe we have Clint’s brilliant advisers, campaign manager Chuck Beck and chief campaign consultant Kathryn Serkes, to thank for his sticking his big foot in his mouth. Back in May he stated that if he did not win the primary he would support the party’s candidate… Now he is withholding his support pending Dino’s promise to adopt his complete champaign platform. Talk about a poor loser.

Clint likes to use football analogies to explain things. So this would be like the losing coach of the playoff game telling the winning coach how to win the Super Bowl. Yes we are all aware that Sarah Palin and Ron Paul endorsed him. I do, however, seriously doubt that Sara Palin would have advised him to withhold his support of the party’s nominee. I don’t know or care what Ron Paul would have advised. Clint should know that the Democrats are enjoying this immensely. All I know is it is time to stick together or we will get stuck and left behind. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the thought of another Murray term.

Don Williamson