Time for real leaders to step up

Finally! Some good news as Congress departs until after the election. Too bad they can’t take a permanent leave of absence for all the good they do. Without a doubt, this most dysfunctional group of lawmakers in recent history have brought shame on both their respective Houses. Their willingness to blame each other has brought the nation to a critical state. With the country in a financial crisis, we have been dealt another blow with a decrease in our credit rating.

One is left to wonder, when Congress does return who will step forward with financial solutions. A leader needs to come forth to stop the partisanship and start to resolve critical financial problems. The “blame game” must come to a screeching halt, and those elected to protect the general welfare of “We the People” must take a stance. All too often they have abdicated their responsibilities. After all, they were elected to make the tough decisions on our behalf.

Boyce Clark