Time to change system; pay piper

We should end the Electoral College system. It not only gives too-large a power to the few, it also makes politicians try to tailor their appeal to the few states in play. Both parties can largely ignore those states they think in their respective pockets. The smaller states like it because it makes them important. But small states already have outsized power from the way the Senate is constituted. Many people don’t bother to vote if their state’s not in play. This is the worst effect of it. Even if ending it works against my personal choice, it’s the right thing to do.

Also, it is now necessary to raise taxes. No politician wants to say it. We can debate whether the debt is from people on welfare or unfunded programs from the last administration. Debate who should pay more, which tax is fair, and how taxes hurt what. But the truth: All taxes hurt and none is completely fair. We must start paying for the government we now have. When that is done, we can deal with spending. But to keep doing what we are now, which is to try to make it all an attempt to win an election, is futile.

Doug Grandpre

Lake Stevens