Time to remove 100 percent of tent

I’ve never been fond of ghost stories, but I have been following one for the last few months with a lot of interest. In the course of my daily life, I walk by the Snohomish County courthouse complex. There by Wall Street is the ghost that has captured my interest. It is the last remnant of a few tents that were haunting our county grounds.

I think it is a ghost tent because I have never seen any real people there. It boldly says, “We are the 99%.” How about the county doing an exorcism and booting this visitation out? Additionally, whoever owns the tent should be charged rent, as well as an assessment for the damage done to the county grounds. (You can see where these ghost tents have ruined the grass that the taxpayers paid for). This tent that calls itself the 99 percent is an eyesore and a joke.

Ron Jinkens