Time to think big about possibilities

Regarding the article, “Bellevue company planning to robotically mine asteroids”: I am thoroughly excited about the billionaires’ new venture, Planetary Resources, which means to explore mining for resources on asteroids!

It has sparked my imagination, lifting my thoughts from the difficulties we face, to a wonderful, amazing idea. I discount the naysayers out there. Think big! These space wanderers that come and go just outside our atmosphere — could they be servants just waiting to help mankind?

Go a step further, fill the holes left by the mining with things we want to dispose of; nuclear, toxic wastes, garbage, landfill contents, etc. Then, let it go on its cosmic way out of our solar system into interstellar space taking away the poisons. Maybe, add a timer to explode it once it is light years from Earth.

Yes, this is not technically possible just yet, but the future belongs to people with vision, courage and the determination to say “Yes, we can.”

Marietta Alexander