Time we put our citizens first

Regarding the Thursday letter, “We need troops here, aid at home”: Yes, we do, more than ever with all the wackos right in our own neighborhoods.

What is wrong with the people that run our country? Haiti, Chili, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Turkey and Japan with literally billions of dollars! We send them billions more in foreign aid.

Yet so many of our own seniors living on fixed incomes receive no aid, and often times can not afford their needed medications. American children who are shoved aside to make room for the adoption of foreign orphans. A country where we have so many homeless, children going hungry, our own wounded troops returning from foreign countries after maybe having lost an arm or a leg, having to jump threw numerous hoops to get the aid they so deserve and are denied by the very government they fought for.

We send tons and tons of food, building supplies, free medical aid all over the globe while so many of our own American born citizens go hungry or can not afford medications or even medical insurance. Imagine if our government gave its own citizens the support it gives other countries. Sad, isn’t it?

Keith England