Toss out the old, bring in the fresh

“My land,” said my neighbor’s wife when she came home after three weeks helping their daughter after the birth of their first grandson. “Haven’t you taken out the garbage since I left?” Shortly, after he did, the smell left.

Our senators and representatives stink. In the last few years they sat on their butts while the Obama administration has spent trillions of dollars, put tens of thousands of rules and regulations into effect and they have said nothing! Sens. Cantwell and Murray said nothing when Harry Reid accused Mr. Romney of not filing his tax returns for 10 years. What in the hell does it take to make them disgusted?

Anyone who votes for Ms. Cantwell is too stupid to realize what she lets pass for “governing” these past few years. One hundred thirty five new Bureaucracies’ are spending billions of dollars for what? Simply put the answer is votes for the bozos who are running and ruining our country.

Ms. Cantwell is rated zero on border protection, spending control, budget-making, limiting worker importation (foreigners taking American jobs), immigration, amnesty, E-verify and visa lotteries. Cantwell needs to take the $170,000 lifetime salary, her health care program (which is not part of Obamacare) and pack herself out of D.C. so someone can take her place and work for us taxpayers.

I support Michael Baumgartner for Senate. That will leave only one Washington state senator in the bottom 10 percent of effective senators.

Richard Jauch

Camano Island