Try compassion with coverage

I think the case of Derek Carlile and his very, very sad situation making front pages of The Everett Herald is a travesty of so-called justice. What this represents is another terrible media choice where something like this should not be front page news. First of all imagine, if you will, the hell he and his family will go through for the rest of their lives; people … have some compassion before you put this kind of thing continually in the news.

This was an accident of the worst kind and really should not be judged by anyone. We have all made mistakes in life, and, albeit this was a big one, I am sure he will be punished by the demons in his mind forever. So, let’s give him and his family some privacy and respect, and, in my opinion, this should not be a case where you put pictures of someone going through hell on the front page of the newspaper … it should be dealt with, at this point, privately. Can we have something positive ever or something funny perhaps on the front page. There are things like that, which could be perceived as news, and maybe just once, it would be nice to feel good after you read the newspaper.

Cathy Lehmann