U.S. also the one to end it

Regarding Eugene Robinson’s column, “The American slavery story”: Our nation’s “original sin”? Guess again! Slavery was not invented here in America. It was ended here. Slavery was started by the Portuguese and Spaniards in the 1400s and spread around the world when we were just a “colony.” However, in less than a century after we became the “United States,” we ended slavery.

We ended it for “two reasons”: There were more white people against it than for it and it was the “right thing” to do. It could not have been any other way and was led by a Republican president named “Lincoln.” But then he was murdered for it by John Wilkes Booth, a southern Democrat.

Question: How did African Americans get drawn into the Democrat party that used to enslave them? (A good read: “The Atlantic Slave Trade” by Johannes Postma ).

Clark Chase


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