U.S. products sell due to quality

Juergen Kneifel’s Monday column, “The case for and against ‘Made in the USA’” — at least the second half — would be right at home lining a litter box. In the column he quotes David Henderson, who is an economist at the Hoover Institute. The Hoover Institute was founded by former President Hoover, whose continuation of his predecessor Calvin Coolidge’s laisse faire economic policies cratered the world economy.

As a manufacturer of brake components, I find Mr. Henderson’s theories laughably wrong; I know firsthand items bearing the “Made in the USA” label sell very well overseas because of the quality of the product. A race to the bottom is a bad thing — make a good product and it will sell. Competing with China, who will happily trash their environment and grind up their workers is foolishness, along with the notion that buying lots of cheap garbage will employ more Americans.

I am sure the Hoover Institute’s shilling of the Koch brothers views is well compensated — too bad we could not outsource Mr. Henderson’s and other Hoover jobs and show them the error of their views first hand as they try to get a real job.

Mark Janis

Scarebird Classic Brakes


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