Understand law before criticizing it

America, please wake up. Arizona passing a law to protect the state and its citizens from injury, property damage and the costs of being overrun by 430,000 illegal immigrants boldly shows who is interested in keeping the country in turmoil and has no interest in bringing this country together. The question is why.

President Obama, who by occupation is a constitutional lawyer, states: “The Arizona law is ill advised,“ and, “you take your kid out for ice cream and you will be harassed.” He knows the law is patterned after federal law, which has passed court scrutiny.

Civil rights activists such as Sharpton, Jackson, left-wing commentators and press are making outrageous statements that the law is: “Nazi-like, Jim Crow, apartheid, domestic terrorism, KKK-like, and police will stop people for being brown.”

These comments are made even though they have not read or understand the law and reasonable suspicion. The bottom line is our federal government, composed of both parties, has not done its basic duty, and appears not to want to do so: protecting our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Those invading our country from both the northern and southern boarders are not only Mexican. As documented, they come from all over the world, which includes people who are not of color who actually wish this country harm.

Again I have to ask, why do these people want to keep our country in turmoil? Could it be politics and self-interest?

Jim Tagart