Union’s one job: protect its workers

Our political and business leaders spoke of a “sobering” message, referring to the 777X. We all read and understand what may happen, with a no vote by IAM members.

It is not the responsibility of this union to save the world. The IAM is not your insurance policy. Please don’t rely on the IAM to secure a better future for all non-members and Joe Blows out there. That has never been our intent or purpose.

Why are the members being asked (blackmailed) to compromise their retirement pension? Why are we being asked (blackmailed) to lower our buying power and lower our standard of living? Boeing has money. Just look at the number of planes on order. We are “booked” out for years. Can you say “bank.”

And we all know, these same political and business leaders that want the IAM members to take a hit will receive large pension deals. They all take the money and run.

As my union brother said, “we’re just trying to fight for the middle class and provide for our families.” Tell us we are wrong.

Bruce A. Ferguson