Unlike Zarelli, most direly need it

Regarding the Thursday article, “State senator on disability wants to cut benefits for others”: What a pompous person Sen. Zarelli is. I work with people on programs that he refers to, and let me tell you many of them would love to play golf and do outdoor activities. It is very clear that he speaks with no actual knowledge of others’ problems.

Maybe he needs to go spend a week at Western State, which is closing units, and see now devastating mental illness is. Or go talk with folks who can’t get the medical drugs they need due to cutbacks. At the very least, he could donate his $601 a month to a food bank or low-income medical clinic.

For many, going on disability is embarrassing, but needed. With many veterans coming back with real injuries, I have to wonder how Zarelli can in good conscience take his disability pay when he can work and play. And by the way, I have had several back surgeries. I work and donate to others. I can relate to his pain, but not his uncaring attitude.

Brooke Townsend