Vast wasteland

Bush league: In “4th and Loud,” a new reality series on AMC, sixtysomething arena rockers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss purchase an Arena Football League team and try to bring their brand of flashy entertainment to the sport.

Talk about synergy: Has-been rock stars owning a football team with a roster of never-will-be players.

And that’s the word: The official Scrabble dictionary is getting 5,000 new words, including four new two-letter words and a Scrabble rarity: a word that contains a Q but doesn’t require a U.

For word nerds, this is the most exciting news since the Associated Press finally removed the hyphen from “teenager,” some 40 years after the rest of the English-speaking world.

We’ll kick him: Arizona authorities are looking for a man who apparently kicked a squirrel off the edge of the Grand Canyon, an act caught on video and promptly uploaded to YouTube.

The video is expected to rekindle public support for the death penalty after several recent botched executions.

— Mark Carlson, Herald staff