Violent offenders should be charged

Lately, I have noticed what seems to be an increase in violence within professional sports games. This includes baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer.

When I discuss this with friends, I usually get the same response: “This is expected, accepted and overlooked in professional sports.” My answer to this is why?

If I were to walk up to someone and hit them in the back of the head hard enough to drop them to the ground, I would go to prison for committing a felony. What makes professionals any better than me?

When a police officer sees a felony committed, he/she is obligated to make an arrest. Why doesn’t this happen on a basketball court? I can assure you that felony assault laws do not exempt players on the field.

If arrests were to happen, you would see more sports and less BS. Players would think twice about doing this type of thing. Apparently management and league administrators don’t think it’s their duty to control their players and their juvenile acts.

Jim Nixon

Lake Stevens