Vote GOP to get people working

As the November election nears, it appears that we have a chance to take our country back and bring prosperity and leadership to our nation. Now we must do our part and elect people who will assist the new administration in their efforts to accomplish this. Take the time to review the successes in conservative-run states like Ohio, Wisconsin, South Carolina, New Jersey, New Mexico and Texas, all led by conservative Republican governors and follow their examples in Washington state — where we went from large surpluses to record deficits under Democratic leadership.

Build on the successes of those states which have erased their deficits and created surpluses without raising taxes and in some cases even lowering taxes. Almost all of them have reduced their rate of unemployment. Help by electing a team of candidates in Washington state who will assist the new president to make our country great again by assuming leadership and putting our people back to work. Starting with John Koster for Congress, Rob McKenna for governor, James Watkins for state auditor. In Snohomish County, please vote for Kirk Pearson state Senate, Dan Kristiansen and Elizabeth Scott for state Representative.

For those of you who voted for the other party in 2008 and are disappointed and adversely effected by an inept administration, take time to check it out for yourself. Decide if you want to join us, we welcome you. We now have an opportunity to take our country back. Please don’t waste it.

Jim Tagart


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