Vote to keep our valued library

Recently, every registered voter on Camano Island received a ballot which will have a long-lasting effect on our community. Maybe you tossed it aside as just a single-issue matter, why bother?

The fact is, without enough voter approval, the Camano Island Library Pilot Project will disappear on April 31. Forever.

Another fact — that you are reading this in a newspaper — shows you still respect the value of words in print. So do the many who value having a library of our own — students, moms of pre-schoolers, the elderly. That brings up another group. Who wants to share the road to Stanwood with one-eyed octogenarians like me?

Please, find your ballot, vote “approved” and mail it or drop it in the ballot box at the county center today. Time is short!

Avonne McLaughlin

Camano Island