Vote to replace old, unsafe buses

We need new buses for our Mukilteo schools. On Nov. 6, a transportation levy proposes funding for 30 new buses.

Today, nearly half of the 100 buses serving the Mukilteo School District are at least 14 years old — and several are over 20 years old. These buses were old when our two boys were riding them 10 years ago.

There are few of us who would continue driving a car that is 20 years old, simply for safety reasons. Why would we allow our children to ride in buses this outdated? New buses will mean safer construction, better visibility, and safer, more certain trips to and from school. School buses aren’t glamorous, but they are fundamental to our children’s safety. We are voting yes in support of this transportation levy, and we hope everyone in Mukilteo will do the same. Let’s continue to get our kids to school and back … safely.

Barbara and Jan Edmondson