Vote to uphold our liberal ideals

There is a lot of Obama bashing going on. I don’t believe Obama is the problem. The problem is that liberals and the politicians who they elect are too timid. I am thankful to have a president who does not want to provide guns and ammunition, bombs and mines to people in conflict zones. He even voices my wish to require domestically the registration for gun ownership and restrictions on types of semi-automatic weapons and ammunition clips sold.

Obamacare is not perfect but so far it is working as intended. We liberals should defend it with our votes. We need to elect legislators who are willing to reform our immigration laws. We need to vote for candidates who talk about raising taxes as well as reducing waste and fraud. We cannot thrive without carbon-based sources of energy, but we need to reduce that dependency dramatically. Barring an equal rights amendment to the Constitution, we must defend a woman’s right to control decisions concerning her health care needs. Obama has voiced these opinions. Our liberal and Democratic candidates need to stand with him.

I know these positions are not popular with conservatives. However, I believe life in our country would dramatically improve if 100 percent of citizens who do favor them would vote.

Mike Molly