Voters made their choice, what now?

It wasn’t that long ago that the Left was so concerned for our children when the privatization of the State liquor stores was on the ballot. I believe that their argument was that kids were going to have so much open access to alcohol that all our children, regardless of age, were going to become raving alcoholics. How could we be so irresponsible to our children to pass such a law?

Have you recently bought a bottle of booze at Safeway? I’m 66 years old and get carded and the quick “profiling” look from the checker with every purchase – and I’ve been shopping at the same store for 25 years. Plus, the bottles are equipped with a Fort Knox protective cap. In spite of the heated rhetoric and pleas to save the children, I don’t think that there is that much abuse going on – unless the kids are raiding their parents’ liquor cabinets which they did before anyway.

Now we have this debate/vote on medical and recreational use of marijuana. Other than same-sex marriage, this was the defining position of the Left during this election. Do you think it will be easier for our kids to now get a hold of an addictive drug with a fake ID, an older friend or just picking a few leaves off the three plants that I have been prescribed for my bad back? Come on. I would say that if we took a survey of all the heroin, cocaine and meth felons in our County – I bet 99.9 percent would say that they had started with pot. And, make no mistake, this pot is different than what my contemporaries were smoking in the 60’s.

The people voted and I will abide with that vote. For all those do-good Lefties that wanted to keep our kids safe from alcohol – where are you now?

Tony Fortino