Voters want care, cradle to grave

Voters want care, cradle to grave

Well, the people have spoken. The majority have determined that we want policy makers in Washington D.C. to choose the winners and losers instead of the marketplace of innovators and entrepreneurs. We want cradle to grave care, and if it means we have to further tax our friends and neighbors, or plunge the nation deeper into debt to provide it, so be it. We want the burden of our mistakes and poor choices borne by others instead of ourselves.

This was the choice that was presented to us on Nov. 6, and we chose through the democratic process to marginalize self-reliance and self-discipline in favor of a larger and more intrusive federal bureaucracy.

We chose government mandated investment in expensive and untested technologies instead of allowing private, market based problem-solving. Meanwhile, the Solyndra’s of the world squander capital that real companies can use to create an affordable and sustainable future.

Almost daily we hear of the “fiscal cliff” that will be created if as a society we choose to live within our means, and pay for our massive federal government with a tax increase, or eliminate those programs that are wasteful and wrought with fraud. Meanwhile, our federal deficit continues to grow, and without changes to our spendthrift ways will be nearly $22 Trillion when Mr. Obama leaves office in 2017. If what we are dealing with now is a fiscal cliff, what do you call debt like that?

Michael H. Bond