Wakeboard plan not suitable here

Regarding the Lake Tye wakeboard proposal: Now that I have seen the proposed architectural plans, I am shocked at the scope of this project. It strikes me as detrimental to the lake and current recreational activities as we know Lake Tye today.

There is no guarantee that the wakeboard park will be a financial success. The concept that it will provide the Monroe Parks Department with a stream of income is not guaranteed.

Viewing the architectural drawings of the project, I was stunned to see that it will cover the lake from the eastern shore to within 66 feet of the western shore, leaving a small section of shoreline for fishermen and other users.

I am concerned about the environmental impact of wave action hitting both shorelines. In my mind it could undermine the walking path on the west side of the lake and possibly create problems to the shoreline on the Frylands Boulevard side of the lake.

In the limited space left for fishermen on the western shore, will they be subject to a constant wave action, making it difficult to fish? Will there be a constant slap of waves on the shoreline to eliminate a peaceful picnic on either shore?

Will it effect children in the beach swimming area?

While Lake Tye originated as a drainage pond, it has become a recreational jewel for the residents of Monroe who stroll its shores, walk its 1.67 mile walkway, fish for stocked rainbow trout, or swim and play on the park beach.

A wakeboard park is absolutely not suitable for this location.

Douglas Wilson