WaMu executives just get to skate

Colton Harris-Moore received seven-plus years for his crimes. Without getting in to the more involved reasons as to why, he was old enough to know better. While his victims apparently are going to receive full financial restitution, his poor judgment cost him dearly, and he needs to take his punishment and learn from it.

In another recent high profile case, former Washington Mutual executives just learned that their “poor business judgment” (a perfectly legal defense) will cost them nothing. Insurance will pick up the tab. All they did was cost thousands of families their homes, thousands more their jobs, and even more people their retirement. And then they, and their spouses, allegedly tried to hide their assets to escape financial penalties for their “poor business judgment.” A loss of face, maybe, but they will all live comfortably ever after, walking away with millions in compensation even while driving their company to ruin.

When do the people whose lives were ruined, or severely damaged by WaMu, get their justice?

Kari Morgan