We don’t silence opinions in U.S.

I really cannot understand anyone actually believing that it is acceptable to silence an opinion that they don’t find acceptable. (Monday letter, “Limit propaganda that you print.”) The writer referred to Charles Krauthammer’s column as propaganda. Mr. Krauthammer, as well as the other columnists that are printed in The Herald, writes an opinion column. No one has to agree with it. Other columns may be written by other conservatives or by independents or liberals. They are still opinion columns, not propaganda.

Letters from subscribers are usually a good mix but everyone has to understand that The Herald can only choose letters from the ones they receive and during a given time period, those letters may favor only one side of an issue. But to advocate for silencing anyone’s opinion is totally unacceptable to me and should be to anyone else who truly values living in America. I don’t always agree with what I read in the columns or the letters but I would never want anyone silenced. Not even the letter writer.

Sandra Larrinaga