We must act to save democracy

When I was in eighth grade, my social studies teacher asked the question, “How long will the nation exist?” And I naively said it will last forever because it’s up the voters. Now we are to the point of exhausting the power of voters to have a real democracy. It takes two parties that are willing to discuss issues. Money in the election makes a difference what we hear. The issues should be real. Issues related to how citizens earn money and provide for their families, and secure their future.

The lack of facts about how much is spent on a war, that was deceptively created, is detrimental to our existence as a nation. Where is there enough money for education of our children and adults seeking new directions? There is enough money, just not available because the people are not making the choices. Without education the country is doomed. Only getting the money out of elections will win the day for the people and the nation. We all suffer when voters are suppressed from voting.

Repeal the Citizens United decision.

Have real debates, with non-partisan moderators., i.e., League of Women Voters.

Make corporations not people because only people are people.

Disclosures of who is donating the money for election campaigns.

False statements should be disputed. Lying to win an election should not be allowed.

Wall Street should not be above the law and held accountable and not bailed out.

Allis Alexander