We must stand up for the innocents

Enough! We stand around wringing our hands that it’s too complex a problem to solve; the 2nd Amendment is inviolate. And the children die. Their blood is a stain upon all our souls.

Enough! Stop worrying that we can’t stop all of it. Stop some of it! Any of it.

The 2nd Amendment may guarantee the right to bear arms, but not any arms. We already say automatic weapons are not acceptable. You can’t own a howitzer. Why do we allow semiautomatic weapons?

Assault weapons is a meaningless term. Focusing on the look of a weapon only distracts the ignorant. What matters is rate of fire and the number of rounds carried. Get rid of semiautomatic weapons and you cannot mow down a classroom of children. You can’t murder a theater full of people. You can’t kill a crowd of people at a political rally.

Until we change the Constitution, citizens will own weapons. The Constitution is silent on which weapons can be owned. Semiautomatic weapons no longer have any place in the hands of the citizenry.

I own many guns. Most of them are semiautomatic. I hunt and I can defend my home if I need to. I can do both without semiautomatics. Giving them up would be a small price to pay if one more Godless act of murder and desecration of life is avoided.

Please, please, stand up for the innocents. Be a hindrance to the evil. Enough.

Jeff Riechel