We need troops, aid here at home

Do we have to become a country like Israel? Armed guards at every school, concert, and sports game? Maybe! When will we quit protecting other countries with our troops and start protecting our own people? Start by bringing the 30,000 troops home from South Korea and use them here to protect our schools. If that’s not enough, then bring them home from Japan, Germany or wherever they are and use them here, after all World War II has been over for 67 years.

Every time we fight a war we leave thousands of troops behind to protect there people from the bad guys. How about us, don’t our people deserve the same protection? How many troops will we leave in Iraq and Afghanistan? We currently give out foreign aid to the tune of $50 billion a year, yes that’s a billion. How about we stop this practice of trying to buy our friends and see what that money could do here. In other words stop trying to change the world and mind our own business. Besides most of those countries don’t even like us. They must be laughing at us every time they cash that foreign aid check. Even now we continue to send our tax money, probably borrowed from China, to Libya after they killed our ambassador.

I’m not saying we don’t trade with them, we just don’t interfere with the way they run their country, not everyone wants to live like us. They want their people to dress a certain way so be it. They want laws that we don’t agree with, tough bananas, it’s none of our business. They have oil, we have food, let’s trade, maybe a bushel of corn for a barrel of oil. Time to spend our money here for mental health care and protecting our children. Might even be enough money left over to repair our infrastructure and help people that go through tragedies like Hurricane Sandy.

Chuck Heinitz


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