We out-perform all peer districts

Regarding the article, “Vote shows lingering rift on Everett School Board”: What is this rift I keep reading about? There is no rift. According to reliable sources, there is just one school board member who doesn’t agree with the majority about anything. And what is all this debate about doing the superintendent’s evaluation at a public meeting? Every other school district does this in executive session, so what is there to debate?

A good indication of how well the district leadership is doing is the fact that of the largest 20 districts in Washington, none has a higher percentage of schools and achievement than the Everett School District. And of the 20 largest districts no other district, that is no district except Everett, has as high percentage of top-achieving schools. This is a nice bit of achievement under the leadership of Dr. Gary Cohn. Apparently the old saying applies: You cannot please all the people all the time. I applaud Dr. Cohn and the majority of school board members for their excellent leadership!

It’s too bad Everett doesn’t have another paper for folks to read. Your reporting on school board issues is about as one-sided as it can be. You people continually give one lone board member who votes “no” on almost everything all the credibility and all the ink. Not much at all about the good things the superintendent, board majority, teachers and principals are doing. We are out-performing peer districts like Bellevue, Issaquah, Northshore and Lake Washington. Not good enough? Not good news?

Dave Finstad