We still ignore that terrorists were Saudi

My wife, Marion, has a saying: The problem with “small” wars: They can be like a grain of sand on a beach, or they can be a snowflake that evolves into a giant snowball on a mountain top, which then turns into an avalanche.

This has become a metaphor for what the Bush/Cheney team has gotten us into, with treasonable malfeasance.

We have completely tried to ignore the fact that Saudi Arabia furnished 15 of the 19 terrorists who wreaked havoc on Sept. 11, 2001.

The Bush/Cheney twosome quickly got the bin Laden family and other Saudi Arabians out of town, in a wizardly way. Why? Because they sell us oil and the Bush family is up to its ears in Saudi Arabian oil interests, as is Dick “Lord Voldemort” Cheney and his energy “buddies,” Halliburton included.

The above was brought out by the local Everett Iraqis and others who protested in Seattle against Saudi Arabia. The protesting Iraqis say Saudi Arabia is “the essential supporter of terror” and point out that “nearly half of all foreign fighters targeting U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians are Saudis.” This is a large clue for we “muggles” and we need new presidential leadership to steer us through the maze we are currently in.

My wife has another saying: “Impeach, impeach, impeach!” I agree.

Now, if only George W. “Draco” Bush would join the party of reality, we could concentrate on going back into Afghanistan so it doesn’t become a lost cause. We need to look less covetously at Iraqi oil and, if bin Laden and his followers emerge from Pakistan, we can easily beat back attempts by the Taliban to regain control.

We know we’re in a war with the terrorists, but we need to fight the smart fight.

Max W. Don


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