We took officials at their word

After reading letters from citizens asking why I would live near Paine Field if I object to the expansion of the airport and the noise and lower property values that come with that expansion, I felt the need to respond.

The reason is very plain and simple. Years ago Snohomish County signed an agreement stating there would be no expansion into commercial air service at Paine Field. That meant no service expansion ever. Silly us, we took our government officials at their word.

So that is why homes and schools were built around Paine Field. We did know the noise level at the time of building and growth and it was acceptable, dependent on the Snohomish County Council keeping their word. They have not.

It is inexcusable that some members of the Snohomish County Council, led by Mike Cooper, are breaking this agreement and going against the vast majority of the very citizens that voted him into office.

We will keep fighting the expansion and I hope voters join me in voting out of office members of the council who are advocating expansion.

Debra A. Bordsen