Wealthy electeds could give back

In the past 70 years I have watched our political leaders make promises. In most respects they never follow through with their main intentions for we over whom they rule.

American politics have changed, whether you are Republican, Democrat, conservative, etc. We, as a people, have let greed and wealth be the springboard into public office.

Today, each individual, no matter what political party they belong to, is elected because he or she has large sums of money, and they can buy themselves into a particular position, with no questions asked. This is the American way! Money seems to be the only way of wielding power.

In most cases these people are already millionaires, own businesses and have never had to do without food, stand in line while unemployed, be on food stamps, etc.

It seems to me that most of those gaining political office could stand to really help we the American citizens. (I know that this does not really make sense.)

The large amount of money they raise to get elected could be used to fill the budget shortfalls, plus the money they are paid could be utilized to maintain police and firefighters, creating more jobs, and training up and coming future generations now, and into the future.

I am only kidding myself, it will never happen. As the saying goes, the rich get richer, and the lower classes starve — the American way, right. The American Dream is gone.

Gary A. Zinter

Mill Creek